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The 3 reasons why HelloFresh is so loveable

1. We think outside the box

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2. The ingredients are fresher than the supermarket

3. We'll make your life easier 

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  • Say goodbye to late-night shopping and lining up 
  • Everything you need for dinner is in your box: from easy new weekly recipes to highest quality pre-portioned ingredients 

  • We go directly to independent suppliers to ensure we only get the highest quality produce
  • The produce stays fresh for 36 hours in the insulated box
  • You're in control with flexible calendar options - pause or cancel anytime
  • You choose which meals you get each week

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"I wasn't a fan of this meal kit mania until I tried @hellofresh. They bring different cuisines to me every week and I am only left with the fun bit - cooking it up!"

"This is a real life hack. I don't need to worry about what to cook for dinner anymore. I just let @hellofresh do that for me"

"I feel like I am getting free cooking classes as a side effect of using HelloFresh"

"Perfect weeknight dinner: check! Even though I know how to cook it's great to let @hellofresh teach the old dog some new tricks...3 times a week!"

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Frequently asked questions

I am single, would this work for me?

Our product is designed for couples and families but a lot of customers are single. It's a great opportunity to bring friends over or save money on next days' lunch.

Is HelloFresh a subscription?

Yes, but it's flexible and you're in control. When you sign up you choose a delivery frequency and we keep sending everything you need for home cooking until you ask us to stop. You can pause or close your account at any time. There are no contracts and we don’t make it deliberately difficult for you to cancel.

What comes in a box?

First you choose how many meals you want per week (3, 4 or 5) and how many portions you will cook per meal (2, 3 or 4). We will send you recipe cards will all the pre-measured ingredients. Yes! Protein, veggie, carbs and spices are all included - the only thing you might need is some olive oil and salt & pepper.

What if I am not home when you deliver?

Don't worry, almost 80% of our customers are not home when they get their HelloFresh boxes delivered. You can always tell us that secret spot you want our delivery heros to leave the box safe ;-)

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