What is this Community all About?

At HelloFresh, we believe that food can connect us all. This is why we’re building a community of FreshFans – a group of like-minded health & wellness professionals and HelloFresh enthusiasts to celebrate the joy and benefits cooking from scratch at home.

We can’t wait for you to join us!

From One R.D. to Another


You work as a Registered Dietitian or health and wellness professional. You are passionate about what you eat and want to help others eat well too, whether those people are your patients, clients, friends, family or readers and followers! 


I’m Rebecca Lewis, HelloFresh’s in-house Head Registered Dietitian - thanks for stopping by! Every day, I empower HelloFresh’s customers to take better care of their health by giving them the tools and guidance they need to get back in the kitchen cooking from scratch. For some, this means starting from the basics; for others, it’s all about adding variety to their existing recipe repertoire. 

Together, I work with our other full-time dietitian and chefs to create delicious and nutritious recipes you'll love to cook. Our step by step recipe cards are beautifully photographed, and we even deliver all the ingredients right to your door. To ensure transparency of our product, the nutrition team includes full nutrition information panels and allergen identifications for every recipe. Plus, the dietitians are always available to answer any nutrition questions big or small that our customers have. 

What Makes HelloFresh Different?

Today, cooking seems harder than ever. More and more people in America are too intimidated to cook dinner at home, because cooking is never just cooking -it's shopping and planning, with work days as long as the lines at the grocery store. Plus, we face the pressure to nourish the family and wow social media all on one plate.

At HelloFresh, we want to save home cooking by bringing the fun back into the kitchen! We're encouraging people to cook at home more by providing them will all the tools they need to navigate their busy lifestyles. We help our customers gain confidence in the kitchen. Plus, we help get the whole family involved. After all, what’s better than a wholesome, home-cooked meal prepared and enjoyed with the people you love?

What are the Perks of Being a FreshFan?

As a FreshFan, you’ll receive:

• Access to a community of FreshFans passionate about real food 

• Previews of upcoming recipes

• A HelloFresh discount code to share with clients, family, friends and followers

• The opportunity to try out HelloFresh!

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